An introduction

Hello, I’m Melvin Marsh and I’m a Certified Hypnotherapist (C.Ht.) and Certified Advanced Handwriting Analyst (C.A.H.A.) at After Hours Hypnotherapy in Augusta Georgia.

I debated on how to start this blog, but then it might be best if I simply started it with an introduction about who I am and my journey into hypnosis.

Like most people, my first experience was through the movies. However, I never picked up hypnosis as something to be feared. In fact, most of my favourite movies often had a hypnosis connection. Jungle Book had Kaa the snake, after whom my own ball python was named. Meeting at Midnight (also known as Black Magic), had Charlie Chan trying to investigate a hypnotist. Dracula… well… Dracula has his own abilities. Instead of being scared of hypnosis, I just thought it didn’t really exist.

I knew biofeedback existed. At a young age, I learned about it and found it entertaining to change temperature in my hands, alter my heart rate, and my blood pressure. Nurses, for the record, were not nearly as amused as I was.

In middle school, I read a UFO book by Ed Walters and he mentions finding a way to combat his insomnia. He would fall asleep after visualizing a cloud coming up his body. I performed the same practice nightly for several years not knowing I was performing the most commonly used induction, a progressive relaxation, on myself.

In high school, I became fascinated by past life regressions. I had a few performed on me, I later even married the lay hypnotist. After a frightening experience on his end which involved me experiencing true somnambulism and extraordinary time distortion, he stopped playing with hypnosis.

For the next few years, I forgot about hypnosis yet relied on my previous experiences with biofeedback to remember how to shut down nerves. This allowed me to undergo a home birth without any pain and then a root canal without anesthetic.

It was not until I started medical school where I learned hypnosis could be used for things besides entertainment. My therapist Bill on intake offered hypnotherapy but mentally I did not know what to expect and given the other information I was provided that day, I was a little off put by the idea. As the medical school semester got worse (involved an assault, a few robberies, as well as a bear attack and both my cousin and my grandmother dying), I asked for it but by that point it was not a good time.

I decided when I was on groupon that I wanted to see if there was any hypnotherapy available just to learn more. I found a course from UK based David Key and I fell in love with the way he weaved stories and stacked stories on top of each other. I found a psychologist on psychology today with hypnotherapy training (specifically Ericksonian training which is what I was hoping for), then while I was waiting to get an opening (it was worth the wait, Paul Leslie is very good), I looked to see if there was any other hypnotherapy training that I could find. Hypnosis Motivation Institute offered an introductory course. Between HMI, Paul, David, and yet another therapist, Adrian who informed my husband that he was going to pay for HMI’s advanced training course for me, I finished HMI’s course, did my hours and became an certified hypnotherapist.

One of the better decisions I’ve ever made in my life.