Hypnosis and Weight Loss

One of the most common reasons to go see a hypnotherapist is the issue of weight loss. Many people come to a hypnotist because they may feel this is a way to lose weight without having to put the energy out to make change happen. This is not the case. One still needs to do some basic work. Hypnosis just makes it a little easier.

Weight loss is often the hardest thing to work on in hypnosis simply because there are so many reasons that one could be overweight: stress eating, medical issues, not exercising enough, physical limitations, or comfort eating. With some of these issues, it can be easier to solve through hypnosis, while in others, it would be best to speak to your doctor first before a weight loss plan is put into action. In fact, I suggest a medical referral for most of my clients with weight loss (anything over about 20 pounds, in order to cover myself not only as a hypnotherapist but also as a licensed EMT). There are too many possible unknowns.

As far as why hypnosis works, that involves a bit of the theory of mind which suggests the subconscious controls about 90% of one’s desires while the conscious mind occupies about 10%. That is a significant difference, while one might consciously want to not take that second piece of cake, if the subconscious really wants to have a second piece, you are more likely to take that second piece of cake. Likewise if the subconscious does not wish to exercise, it will be much more difficult to convince one’s self to exercise.

A hypnotherapist can bypass the critical factor separating the subconscious and conscious minds, directly access the subconscious mind, and help work through any issues which make weight loss a challenge. Due to the complex nature of weight loss, it frequently takes multiple sessions in order to see real, tangible results; however based on some peer reviewed studies, weight loss has been showed to be accelerated when hypnosis was used as an adjunct to a sensible diet and exercise.

If you are considering weight loss hypnotherapy, please reach out to your doctor to see if hypnotherapy might be right for you and gain a medical referral to a medical hypnotherapist.

Melvin S. Marsh is a practicing hypnotherapist in Augusta, Georgia. He performs hypnotherapy appointments both in person and worldwide via Skype. He can be reached at http://www.afterhourshypnotherapy.com or afterhourshypnotherapy @ gmail.com or call our receptionist at (678) 658-8483 to make an appointment. Please have a medical referral for weight loss if your weight loss is over 20 lbs.