A few clients wanted to give some reviews so here they are…

By “Ali”

“Mr. Marsh’s handwriting analysis was extremely interesting to read. I found myself rather astounded at the accuracy of the references he made to my own history with very little information provided on my part. Thank you for such a unique and enlightening experience. :)”

By Céline Seward

“Thanks Melvin for your help. I’ve really enjoyed the sessions. You’ve put me at ease every time, even the first when I was really nervous about it. Not only have we done those sessions we’ve had great conversations and I’ve learned a lot of other things from you as well. I do recommend Melvin if you’re looking to solve some fears or just to relax a bit.”

By Rae Rempel

“Melvin has empathy to spare for those who don’t know they need it, he offers a unique perspective and open mind, keeping things comfortably casual yet professional. A friend with a skill set he knows how to utilize to help you help yourself, no matter where on this planet we find ourselves.
He agreed to assist me with a unique and personal case and helped me see from outside my perspective.
Extremely friendly and a definite thumbs up-I recommend him!”

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  1. An extremely professional therapist and a gifted problem-solver. Will always asked the right questions. Result-oriented therapist.


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