Hypnothoughts 2017

For anyone curious, a meeting of hypnotists is nothing like that scene in “Love at First Bite” when Dracula and Rosenberg/Van Helsing attempt to hypnotize each other and instead the waiter goes into trance.

I would not have been that lucky, in fact of all of the classes I sat in, only three had inductions. Dual Inductions taught by my friends Stephanie Conkle and Kaz Riley, FAST (which had strobes so I could not watch the most effective one), and a class on out of body experiences. For the record future hypnotists or even experienced hypnotists, if you suspect you could have a flopper, please remind people to stay seated and not fall out of their chair. 🙂 I’m not saying I did fall out of my chair and I’m not saying I didn’t fall out of my chair, but parts of me did hit the floor.

I attended an extensive amount of sessions though.

Between the initial training from David Key/Auspicium, then HMI College of Hypnotherapy’s training, a diploma in NLP, my own psychotherapy, and of course studying my own Neo-Ericksonian style hypnotherapist Paul for over a year, I actually felt like I knew most of the information I was presented with and have had some time to play with it… usually attempting to play with other therapists first of course. Of course, when I give myself to a subject I really give myself to it. I tend to live and breath it. Plus I will get competitive in anything knowledge based. Paul warned me that I would meet and surpass my teachers quickly. Bastard.

I had a few highlights, I picked up a kilted “hypno-boyfriend,” I saw the devilish dual induction duo, I went on the Voodoo Zipline (yup still scared of heights), and saw Penn & Teller.

Another highlight was a spontaneous choice to ignore my agenda (I think someone cancelled, really 20 people cancelled so my agenda went out the window from the first day) and I saw a class on gamification. Well ok then! As the prior Thursday I had just said I needed to become more spontaneous this was a good enough reason to go to it. I tend to be more spontaneous and playful in the therapy room than outside of it.

Plus it was gaming, and after all, I was one of the founding investors of Mad Scientist University at Raiding Party Games, the former treasurer of Psi Phi (which was mostly gaming) in college, and if it were not for Habitica my to-do list would never get done. Going to this couldn’t hurt right?

The session was about this game called persuasion which is a game built around becoming more… persuasive. Bet you didn’t see that coming!

We were divided up into four sets of four. Of my set, I was the youngest and likely least experienced hypnotist, but I was the one to figure out the game first. Since they were language patterns and I am familiar with using Salad cards (I have an iphone app which is supposed to be helping me learn the patterns), as soon as I locked on to that “known,” it made learning most of the rest of the rules we were provided with much easier. Somehow the other hypnotists didn’t know what Salad cards were. I will say since most salad cards you are expected to play games like poker, blackjack, etc this game is much more geared towards actually learning the patterns since you have to use them in the game. Much less difficult to ignore!

Since I was given the deck, well now I have a deck! If anyone else out there has a deck and wants to try to play online or something or even in person, I would love to have some help to master the game.

Melvin S. Marsh is a certified hypnotherapist in Augusta, Georgia. He performs hypnotherapy appointments both in person and worldwide via Skype. He can be reached at http://www.afterhourshypnotherapy.com or afterhourshypnotherapy @ gmail.com .