Private Appointments

Unlike generic hypnosis mp3s or group sessions, the private experience is completely one on one. In the private sessions, we can handle almost any issue and the experience will be customized to your experience and your needs.

We at After Hours Hypnotherapy believe that you should not have to travel to find a qualified hypnotherapist.  This is why After Hours Hypnotherapy also offers virtual hypnotherapy appointments right from the comfort of your own home so no matter where you are in the world, you have a certified hypnotherapist at your finger tips.

With our flexible appointment schedule, all you need is a computer to schedule appointments either virtually or at the main Augusta office (for secondary locations please contact us to see when we are coming).  The appointment link at right will give you appointment times in your local time.  Please select one of the appointments and, if selecting virtual, include your telephone number or Skype name.

Some have asked if hypnosis or hypnotherapy are as effective online or virtually or by phone as opposed to in person.  The answer is… Yes.  At the hands of a qualified hypnotherapist, hypnotherapy is just as effective when using video conferencing software (such as Skype) or the phone.  For very conditioned clients, a text based induction is possible.

The Skype address for After Hours Hypnotherapy is afterhourshypnotherapy @ .  We also have access to HIPAA compliant Zoom if a recording is needed.

Prices for hypnotherapy range from $147 to $270