Now Consultations Are On Sunday Only

Due to the limitations brought on again by the latest Covid variant and the requirements of EMS, consultations and self scheduled virtual appointments will take place on Sundays only for the foreseeable future unless there are special circumstances. Melvin S. Marsh is a certified hypnotherapist and life coach. Hypnotherapy and life coaching appointments are available … Continue reading Now Consultations Are On Sunday Only

Snowbirds Need Relaxation and a new start? I’m going to Miami

While people are often coming to Florida to beat the cold and avoid the snow and enjoying the state’s beautiful year round nice weather, why not do other things while you are there?  There is more to going down there and enjoying the lovely beaches. Why not take advantage of a hypnotist who also travels … Continue reading Snowbirds Need Relaxation and a new start? I’m going to Miami

Some reviews that google has recently posted that I have never acknowledged but I always like doing so.   "Working with Melvin was a pure joy, the most fun I've had in years. He instantly made me feel at ease told wonderful stories and the session instantly made me feel calmer and more confident. Melvin … Continue reading

SCEH 2021

Sorry for those who were just bombarded with several posts at once. The SCEH annual meeting just ended.  It was pretty small.  Lot of workshops had only a few people.  The trans one had 6 I think.  Did not have many people in most of the others either.  I think the most I saw was … Continue reading SCEH 2021

Guided Imagery improves cooperation

The present study assessed whether cooperation can be influenced by means of an imagery and suggestion-based intervention. Participants (N=126) were adult university students. After removing 21 participants due to failure to follow directions, 105 participants remained. Participants were randomized into two groups which either listened to an approximately seven minutes long audio which included suggestions … Continue reading Guided Imagery improves cooperation