Here at After Hours Hypnotherapy, we believe our employees deserve the best so in addition to investing in our clients, we invest in our employees.

These are the following benefits as of July 2020.  This list (and benefits) are updated when new positions are posted.  

Employees starting at regular part time (20 hours a week) have access to the following employment benefits : Flex time ; Remote work/Work from home (depending on position, most positions are eligible) ; Healthcare insurance through WellMEC ; Dental/Vision Insurance ; Educational Grants ; Competitive Wages (currently 20-25/hour to start). 

Employees starting at regular full time (40 hours a week) also have access to all of the following additional employment benefits : Personal Time Off ; Maternity/Paternity Leave (up to 12 weeks paid).

Our contractors are not eligible for benefits.  Hypnotherapists will be hired as contractors.

Currently we are looking for the following positions.

Full time positions – None currently

Part time positions – None currently

Contractor positions – Available 

Handyman – Accepting bids on several repair projects in the AUGUSTA location and one in the BLAIRSVILLE location.  Can do by the project or hire by the day.

Research Assistant – Hourly rate depends on experience.  This is currently one day a week on average.

Additional Positions

Literary Agent