How to reduce pain via hypnosis and positive suggestions

Suffering and pain alleviation has become is an important part of treatment, though it still poses challenges in medicine. The use of non-pharmacological treatment methods to treat acute and chronic pain is common among medical practitioners, and these may include biofeedback, cognitive behavioral therapy, hypnosis, and virtual reality. Studies have shown that through positive suggestions … Continue reading How to reduce pain via hypnosis and positive suggestions

Can hypnosis treat depression?

The treatment of psychological illnesses has been possible through the use of cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT). This treatment method targets thoughts, behaviors, and emotions of the patients being treated as it is believed that the elements are part of the whole system of a human being. Altering one of them will lead to significant changes in … Continue reading Can hypnosis treat depression?

Can hypnosis help with high blood pressure?

Hypertension is one of the common conditions affecting people across the world. Various treatment methods have been adopted to treat the illness and ameliorate its effects. Drug therapy has proved beneficial in most cases, through additional therapies are also being considered. There has been a growing interest in the use of non-pharmacological treatment techniques since … Continue reading Can hypnosis help with high blood pressure?

Hypnosis and PTSD

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a condition that can affect anybody depending on their past traumatic experiences. While various treatment methods have been used to treat PTSD, like pharmacotherapy, exposure therapy, cognitive behavioral therapy, symptoms of distress still remain. The failure of these treatment approaches to provide relief to the victims of PTSD makes it … Continue reading Hypnosis and PTSD

Hypnotic Induction and Pain Management during Abortion

Various study findings have confirmed the effectiveness of hypnosis in managing pain and anxiety during surgical procedures. Thus, hypnosis can be used as a complimentary and an alternative method of treatment for acute procedural pain. It has proved to be an effective adjunct treatment procedure for most patients undergoing surgery. A study conducted by Marc, … Continue reading Hypnotic Induction and Pain Management during Abortion

Hypnosis and Working Memory Impairments

  Working memory is a cognitive function that allows for storage and manipulation of information. Working memory impairments has been a common phenomenon that results from brain injury, which usually affects the executive functioning of the brain. Despite this fact, working memory impairment affects individuals at different severity levels, and the affected individuals often exhibit … Continue reading Hypnosis and Working Memory Impairments

Hypnosis being used to improve strokes…

Post-stroke spasticity is a major condition that affects people’s quality of life after going through a stroke. It is characterized by muscle weakness and reduced motor activity, hence making an individual’s complete recovery difficult. The condition affects an individual’s mobility, hence reduces the quality of life. Additionally, stroke patients also suffer from many psychological problems, … Continue reading Hypnosis being used to improve strokes…

Hypnosis and Cognitive Control

Researchers are concerned whether hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness or just a psychological state. Most of the studies in this area have been focusing on the changes in cognitive components under hypnosis, while control of body movements has not been widely explored. The earlier studies suggested that hypnosis can lead to a dissociation … Continue reading Hypnosis and Cognitive Control


Inflammatory bowel diseases (IBD) are characterized by periods of inflammation and remission. Patients in remission often exhibit persistent gastrointestinal symptoms that are similar to irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) often referred to as IBS-type or IBS-like symptoms. Studies that have been conducted to test the efficacy of various strategies in treating these conditions have confirmed that … Continue reading IBS

Surgery and hypnosis

Researchers have determined that hypnosis is more effective in managing pain resulting from thyroid surgery than general anesthesia. In a study conducted by Badidi et al. (2020) to examine patient’s satisfaction with surgery under Hypnoanesthesia, the researchers determined that patients showed overall satisfaction with the surgery process. Hypnoanesthesia led to a significant reduction in postoperative … Continue reading Surgery and hypnosis