Ask a Hypnotist : Hypnotic Seals

Recently someone asked me about the concept of hypnotic seals.  While I would normally give exact the exact wording of the question, for this one (and the various other questions), I can't for ethical reasoning. What is a hypnotic seal? The concept of a hypnotic seal is basically that there is some type of post-hypnotic … Continue reading Ask a Hypnotist : Hypnotic Seals

Wiccan Discrimination in Hypnosis

I had a young lady a few years back reach out to me to ask if I would consider working with her.  She identified as a Wiccan and had been turned down by a number of hypnotists who would not work with her because of, what she claimed was her religion.  As someone who is … Continue reading Wiccan Discrimination in Hypnosis

Virtual Sessions when a client is with others

*Just a reminder that next week with have no post in honour of the Tisha b'Av* With a adverse reaction rate of 0.47% (and 0% serious adverse reaction rate) in clinical trials (Bollinger 2018), this makes a hypnotic trance one of the safest things you can do. However it is important to be aware of … Continue reading Virtual Sessions when a client is with others

Board Certified Hypnotists?

As many of you know, I am in school to become a licensed clinical psychologist and certified clinical hypnotherapist.  In addition, as someone who wants to board certify in neuropsychology with a specialty of using clinical hypnosis for neuropsychological disorders, I am knowledgeable of the requirements and am very worried about protecting clients or those … Continue reading Board Certified Hypnotists?