Life coaching

Why settle for regular life coaching which only accesses the conscious mine, when you can use hypnosis to reprogram your subconscious mind for success in business, romance, and general life?

Hypnosis-based coaching method uses the relationship and bond with the subconscious mind where 88% of our beliefs about ourselves are stored.  Changing and removing self limiting beliefs in the subconscious mind are paramount to success.  Using solution focused hypnosis as well as the Kappassian Mental Bank approach, we create, enhance and reinforce positive habits, increase motivation, and create change in the client allowing the creation of a present-centered and future focused ways of being.

Individual sessions are generally delivered by phone by certified life coach and hypnotherapist Melvin Marsh.  You can choose either regular life coaching or hypnosis based life coaching.  Our specializations are business and career life coaching.

Contact us learn about our monthly subscriptions and to see if Hypnosis-based Coaching is right for you!