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If you are a potential patient or client and wish a consultation or have questions, please book a consultation appointment.  All consultations and and first appointments are scheduled through our self scheduling service unless there are prior arrangements.  Please book a virtual consultation. It is unethical to provide consultations through email.  If you are needing an appointment on our travel calendar you might wish to check our travel schedule or see our events page first otherwise please book a consultation and we can discuss it then.  We do not talk to spouses, parents, or the like unless the patient is under legal majority or is incapacitated or a “Permission to talk” form is on file. 

Phone Contacts:  Due to our office manager being Deaf and the nature of the practice, the phone does not ring and goes straight to voicemail.  Most questions will already be answered on our FAQ page.  If you are calling to ask us about something particular to become a part of the practice, book the consultation. Provider voicemails and established clients take priority and the odds are the voicemails from non-providers will be buried and potentially forgotten due to the high amount of voice mails we receive per day.  Our office manager will respond and will arrange a time for Melvin to call providers back if necessary.  If you are a telemarketer, your message will not be returned and will be blocked.  

Medical Referrals: Please leave a message on our office voicemail with your practice name and address when the medical referral is ready, the message will be forwarded immediately.

At a Glance

Contact information

Mailing Address : After Hours Hypnotherapy LLC, 1914 Pennsylvania Ave, Augusta, GA 30904.  Do not show up unless you are expected.  This is a private residence.  We are not seeing people in person due to Covid.

Text : (678) 658-8483. None of the phones are on. Please text unless we are expecting your call. Potential clients who insist on leaving voicemails instead of booking a consultation or texting or emailing will not be accepted as clients.  If you are texting us to leave a phone number to ask something we require a consultation for, you will just be told to book a consultation.  You can access scheduling and current fees through the “Appointment” menu option at top.   
Fax : No Fax number.
Other ways to get in contact :  Facebook, Alignable, Psychology Today, or through email

Insurances Accepted : None.

Discounts : EMS, Fire, Police, Military, Teachers, Students
Sliding Scale : Limited

Accepting new clients : Limited

Hours :

Sun-Thurs : 2pm-11pm

Jewish Holidays : not available unless otherwise arranged.

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