Cultural Competency and Healing

Given the different cultures in the United States and the fact we are a worldwide practice, we find it important to learn about other cultures and their healing modalities so that we can best serve our clients.

Melvin’s continuing education reflects this.

In 2017, Melvin was certified as a 10th generation Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoto Shinpiden (English : Master/Teacher) in order to best serve his Japanese clients who may wish to add traditional Japanese healing. Shoden and Okuden levels were taught by Arthur Kuhns, while Shinpiden level was taught by Lisa Powers, director of the International Reiki Organization. Shinpiden lineage is available.

One on one distance sessions are available by prior arrangement (please email) and an electronic reiki healing box is available. Our healing room is currently under construction so we do not perform these sessions in the office at this time.

Recommended Reading for those who wish to learn more about cultural competency in medicine are encouraged to read “What language does your patient hurt in?” by Salimbene.