LGBT Competent Hypnotist Melvin Marsh

While other therapists and hypnotherapists might mean well, they do not always know or understand what it is like to have gay, lesbian, or transgender specific problems.  Some therapists may not be as LGBT culturally competent as one would hope.

Melvin Marsh is a certified hypnotherapist who is a gay-identified female to male transsexual himself, and has a long history of facing both medical and social issues. He felt like a boy his entire life, and in 2002 he began to live socially as a man. He was living as a man when he gave birth to his daughter in 2003. Melvin had his name changed in 2008, and top surgery in 2009. 

Melvin has felt the discrimination on a daily basis since then, especially living in the south. He is aware of the hardships some face to receive medical care, as he himself has to travel 3 hours each way for his own care. As such, Melvin wants to make sure that other LGBT people who would like to experience hypnosis / hypnotherapy have the opportunity to do so in an environment that is safe, respectful, and private with someone who personally understands the need for discretion. Additionally, he is happy to offer virtual therapy for clients that are anxious about being in public, require extra discretion, or would have to travel.