Handwriting Analysis

Handwriting Analysis, or Graphology, is the science of analyzing the writer’s personality thought the IMRs related to their handwriting. While it is traditionally done with cursive, print scripts can be analyzed as well for those who might have limitations with cursive writing.

Since 1871, handwriting analysis has grown into a valuable science used for a variety of purposes every day worldwide. It can be used by psychologists and psychiatrists to evaluate patients and their progress or decline or by police to help eliminate suspects from cases. Employers may also seek handwriting analysis to help pick which candidate is right for the job. The United States military, particularly the Air Force, consider it a legal way of identifying people, much like fingerprints.

Why explore handwriting analysis? Analysis gives a window into personality traits and mental factors that are revealed through handwriting samples. Studying handwriting can show permanent and fluid features that your life and health which have been influenced. While your moods and health may change, a part of your handwriting stays the same. Some brief analysis can reveal things that you might not even expect to be tucked away within it. It could possibly reveal which parent was or is the more loving parent. It could reveal parts of your personality that you didn’t even realize were there. A more advanced analysis could give you keys to inner growth or even keys to better health and better success with your life.

Two levels of handwriting analysis are available. You will need to provide a one page sample of your handwriting (cursive) on unlined paper in order to do the appropriate analysis.

Basic – Basic is an approximately one page overview mostly focusing on margins, zones, loops, spacing, etc. A few letters will be analyzed.  $150

Advanced – The advanced is a fuller analysis which could also include doodles, numbers, etc. The length can vary depending on the writing sample and the presence or absence of letters. Every letter will be looked at. $250

Due to Melvin’s busy teaching and speaking schedule, he does not perform many per month, but it can vary. Melvin is a Certified Advanced Handwriting Analyst.

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