Media Appearances – Melvin Marsh

One of Melvin’s passions and interests is educating others and he is happy to do interviews and is happy to help promote the podcast. If you would like to book Melvin for a virtual interview, you can use the contact us form.


Radio and Podcast Interviews

Upcoming :

Psych 101 Podcast (filmed) ; Pride Connection (recorded eta late Dec)


Completed and Aired:



Weird Wednesday – “Weird Wednesday Video Bonus : Past Life Regression,” **

Weird Wednesday – “Interview with a Hypnotherapist”

Intentionally Inspirational – “After Hours Entrepreneurship with Melvin Marsh.” **

PsychicAngel1 – “Expert speaker MELVIN Marsh – topic Hypnotherapy sessions.” **

Sex Spoken Here – “Lets Talk About Gender Part 2”.  **

Sex Spoken Here – “Lets Talk About Gender Part 1”.  **

Filmora – “Exclusive Interview with After Hours Hypnotherapy”.  **

That Business Show 2.0 – “Hypnotherapy – Achieve Pain and Anxiety Relief”. **

New Theory Podcast – “From Being Bullied in Medical School to a Successful Hypnotherapy Entrepreneur”. **

Hypnosis Weekly – “Episode 76 : Featuring Melvin Marsh”.  **

Social Sidekick – “Ep.91 Melvin Marsh, After Hours Hypnotherapy”. **

Beyond Gender – “Ep.045: Healing Through Hypnotherapy” **

FreeTalk Radio Podcast – Edgington Post, Melvin Marsh, 2017-05-31.  **

Healers Helping Healers – “Interview: Hypnotist Melvin Marsh: Understanding the LGBTQ Community as Healers”. **

Bringing Inspiration to Earth – “Overcoming Adversity and Struggle with After Hours Hypnotherapy”. **

Starving Artists PHX – “Bonus: Melvin Marsh”. **

Dream Nexus – “Episode 5: Melvin Marsh and After Hours Hypnotherapy”. **


Prior to 2017

“Informed Consent and Astrosociology”. (The Space Show)

“Astrosociology and Space Education”. (The Space Show)

“Deep Space Communication Project”. (The Space Show)

“Astrosociology”. (The Space Show)

** Available on the After Hours Hypnotherapy Youtube Channel