Media Appearances

One of Melvin’s passions and interests is educating others and he is happy to do interviews and is happy to help promote the podcast. If you would like to book Melvin, you can use the contact us form or call (678) 658-8483.

Radio and Podcast Interviews

“TBN” (Social Sidekicks)

“Alternative Sexualities for Therapists.” (Healers Helping Healers)

“Hypnosis and the Transgendered population.” (Beyond Gender)

“Hypnosis and the Transgendered population.” (Hypnosis Weekly)

“After Hours Hypnotherapy.” (FreeTalk Radio Podcast)

“After Hours Hypnotherapy.” (ThinkMan Podcast)

“Business Innovator : Hypnotherapy”, (Business Innovators)

“Overcoming Adversity and Struggle with After Hours Hypnotherapy.” (Bringing Inspiration to Earth)

“Bonus: Melvin Marsh”. (Starving Artists PHX)

“Episode 5: Melvin Marsh and After Hours Hypnotherapy.”(Dream Nexus)

“Informed Consent and Astrosociology”. (The Space Show)

“Astrosociology and Space Education”. (The Space Show)

“Deep Space Communication Project”. (The Space Show)

“Astrosociology”. (The Space Show)