Nine out of ten businesses will fail their first year. That number is even higher for those who are in alternative medicine professions simply due to lack of guidance, or possibly lack of knowledge as to where to start.

As much as some schools tell you a field is hot and that all one has to do in order to attract customers is simply be good at what you do, more often than not this is a distracting event. Most schools will use this to avoid teaching helpful business skills and, if the student fails to have a successful business which is likely, the way makes the student think they did something wrong.

Thus they teach the technical skills of whatever the field is and they may teach the skills well, or worse make you think they taught you well and really it is poor, but then provide little or no advice on how to actually run a business. It is even harder if someone needs a certain amount of certification hours before they go into practice.

Melvin has been an entrepreneur since he was young. He was the vice president of a company when he was only 20 years old. Officially he has worked more for himself than has worked for anyone else so he learned a lot the hard way, with few to no mentors to guide him.

Melvin is pleased to be offering mentoring services. Including

• Practice Hours for certification (for hypnotherapy students)
• Hypnosis lessons
• Peer Supervision for clients
• Business Setup and Marketing Advice