Personalized Hypnosis MP3

Don’t have the time to come in for a session, but still want the customized experience? Don’t like the generic mp3s that can be purchased anywhere or are not finding them effective? We know the feeling!

Ever considered what it would be like to have a personalized hypnosis track made for you? One tailored to your history? One with your name and specific issues? One that has your favourite induction and deepener?

Although we estimate it will take 21 days from time of purchase to design, frequently we have it customized, written, and recorded and such much faster. The recording will be a minimum of an hour.

Please let us know if you want your name to be in the recording, what topic you would like us to help with including as many details as possible, and any affirmations you may wish for us to include. If you know if you prefer a more direct or indirect suggestions, Melvin is trained in Ericksonian and Kappasian hypnosis and can give you a test to see which one has a better chance of working well for you.

The Advantages

Unlike generic hypnosis mp3s, making a custom recording specifically made for your needs means this is better way to get great results. This is almost like being right in the recliner with Melvin in a standard 1-on-1 session.

The cost is $275

Please contact us now to learn more!