Premium Services

After Hours Hypnotherapy, Augusta’s premier hypnotherapy service also provides concierge hypnotherapy services using a “hybrid concierge” model. This allows us to give subscribers additional services while still being able to give back to the community and to provide the absolute best care possible.

Fees are $150 a month ($1800 a year) billed monthly.

As a subscriber to After Hours Hypnotherapy, you will receive the following

Appointment availability within 48 hours. We have partnered with other hypnotherapy practices, including Breaking Day Hypnotherapy in California, to provide continuous coverage to our subscribers. These less than 48 hour appointments are often virtual and often are within 24 hours. These do not include the direct cost of the appointment.
Subscribers can get one emergency (48 hour) appointment per month without incurring an extra fee.

Off hours booking. If you need appointments earlier or later, we have you covered. Contact your clinician directly.

Clinical Excellence. All hypnotherapists (including on-call) attended a nationally accredited college of Hypnotherapy, completed a hypnotherapy internship, and have been personally tested by Melvin.

On-time (or early) appointments. We know your time is valuable.

Email and Phone access. You will get your clinician’s personal phone number. Never talk to a receptionist again!


If interested in a membership to After Hours Hypnotherapy, please contact us afterhourshypnotherapy @ to set it up.