The Company

Who hasn’t heard about hypnosis?  Often limited to party tricks, stage shows, and scams in the media and inaccurate portrayal in the movies, we at After Hours Hypnotherapy are here to assure you that what you have seen or heard from the movies simply isn’t true.

As a full service medical hypnotherapy practice, After Hours Hypnotherapy offers a wide variety of services from standard hypnotherapy services such as smoking, weight loss, sports improvement, and motivation, to more specialized forms of medical hypnosis such as pain management and childbirth.  If hypnotherapy is not your thing we also offer life coaching, with or without hypnosis. We do it all.

Don’t have time to stop on by? That’s alright, a custom session can be put on a mp3 track. So on the way to your next meeting or your next early day or late at night, pop in your custom recording and our hypnotherapist will whisk you away on a hero’s journey into your subconscious. Sadly, snacks aren’t included.

But safety and understanding are included at After Hours Hypnotherapy.

Every one of the staff members, both clinical staff and office staff, and even the therapy dogs have faced discrimination of some form or another.  From being LGBT to having a disability to being a religious or ethnic minority, we know what it is like and we want to help you.  There is no judgement here and our clients can expect empathetic, enthusiastic accommodations. Our office, in-home, and virtual appointments are welcoming to everyone. Still don’t believe us? Check our reviews.

From speaking about stress at public events to analyzing handwriting, the certifications and peer-reviewed techniques here at After Hours Hypnotherapy won’t let you down. We know that for many people, contacting us will be a big step. Likely full of worries and doubts and questions, perhaps concerns about using hypnosis of all things. But we’re here for you.